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GENRE BINGO Students cross off a box after reading a book with the goal of getting 5 boxes in a row, column or diagnoally across. Helps encourage readers to branch out in their selections.

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Use this as a pre-test, practice or a post-test. Students will match each genre with its definition (characteristics). An answer key has been provided.

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Interactive Reading Literature Notebooks 2

Fiction Genres Foldable, Fiction Genres Interactive Notebook Activity by Lovin' Lit from the ALL NEW Interactive Reading Literature Notebooks, Part 2

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Genre Craftivity

Genres activity for the upper elementary classroom! Students cut out minibooks and fold them so that the title is on the front cover, and a brief description is on the back cover. Based on those two things, students must determine the genre of the book. Makes a great genre bulletin board!

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Don't Wake the Librarian Sorting Books by Genre Activity

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Genre Task Cards FREEBIE: 20 multiple choice Task Cards to help your students learn the different literary genres.

Don't Wake the Librarian Sorting Books by Genre Activity

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