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Ancient boundaries are the strongest

GENETIC BOUNDARIES: 'A pioneering study into [Britain's] genetic heritage ... shows that up to 40 per cent of [British] DNA may be from Germanic ancestors, and not the Vikings, thanks to the Anglo-Saxon migrations in 450-600AD. The project, carried out by Oxford University, is particularly interesting because it would seem that this genetic make-up bears out those old traditions and clichés about how [people] relate to each other. So the age-old rivalries between Devon and Cornwall – take…

from Live Science

Chimp Genetic History Stranger Than Humans'

Researchers have sequenced the first full set of great ape genomes. Shown here: chimpanzees and gorillas.


Confocal micrograph showing the expression of different fluorescent proteins in the stem of a thale cress seedling (Arabidopsis thaliana). Arabidopsis was the first plant to have its entire genome sequenced and is an important model for studying plant biology. The middle of the image shows a region of high cell proliferation, which drives the growth and branching of the seedling.

from BBC News

Mammoth genome sequence completed

An international team of scientists has sequenced the complete genome of the woolly mammoth. A US team is already attempting to study the animals' characteristics by inserting mammoth genes into elephant stem cells.

Human and Neanderthal interbreeding


Campylobacter bacteria are the number-one cause of food-related gastrointestinal illness in the United States. ARS scientists are currently sequencing multiple Campylobacter genomes. This scanning electron microscope image shows the characteristic spiral, or corkscrew, shape of C. jejuni cells and related structures. Photo by De Wood; digital colorization by Chris Pooley.

from BBC News

Oetzi the Iceman's nuclear genome gives new insights

The face of Oetzi the Iceman? The 5300-year old Copper Age European has now had his full genome sequenced, suggesting he had brown eyes, lactose intolerance and a tendency towards heart disease


Great interactive website for transcription and translation of DNA to protiens…


Infographic describing some of the limitations of the whole genome sequencing

from WIRED

Circle of Life: The Beautiful New Way to Visualize Biological Data

The genomes of a human, a chimpanzee, a mouse and a zebrafish are arranged in a circle.