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I can't believe it is already time for #pb10for10!  Thanks to Cathy (@cathymere) at  Reflect and Refine  and Mandy (@mandyrobek) at  Enjo...

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50 Gorgeously Illustrated Typography Quotes To Kickstart Your Creativity If ...when I teach 4th grade again, this becomes my theme for the year. Edison and inventors in general but using them to teach growth mindset.


10 Principles Of Genius HourGenius Hour is a movement picking up traction globally – an opportunity where students given true autonomy explore their own passions and exercise creativity in the classroom. It allows pure voice and choice in what students learn during a set period of time during school. Genius Hour is student-driven, passion-based inquiry at it’s best which can be enhanced by technology in the hands of modern learners. Put simply, it is a time where learners choose what to…

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Implementing Genius Hour in Your Classroom

Genius Hour is a concept popularized by Google and 3M. Check out this guide for implementing Genius Hour in your classroom