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The zodiac Signs at a party. Haha this is funny>>two things one of course the party starts when I walk in two not Libra Im after Sagittarius:)


The Astrology Guru - Leo compatibility with Gemini I have a LOVELY guy friend who is a Leo and we get on SO well. I feel he knows me better than just about anyone I've ever met and he's such a great person. I think Geminis can take awhile to put their trust in someone but as soon as I met him I knew I could totally trust him and be myself around him. So I agree that Leos and Gems are probably VERY compatible!


Its true, i am damaged because of my childhood teachers and yet ive learned these years in high school that i have learned much from the past abuse.... #Aquarius ♒️


Aries. So true. When I'm insulted, I feel like I've just fell into a volcano, burned half of body, saved by someone before I can burn the other half and then that person stabs me in the head and the blood leaks down my face and then I get pepper spray sprayed in my eyes and then I step into a puddle with socks on and then a dragon flies by and throws me back into the volcano....