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Measuring Radiation Nuclear Fallout RADS with Geiger Counters

Due to nuclear fallout and the Japan nuclear power plant meltdowns more people have become concerned and aware of the radiation issues on the planet. Learn about measuring radioactive material with geiger counters.

Safecast X Kickstarter Geiger Counter ML: With the Japan atomic issue, if you're a pacific coast citizen, better have one like this, when go to beach with your family... it's no when anymore... the problem is here, right now. Prepare yourself.

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New in the Maker Shed: Geiger Counter Kit

Commercial Geiger counters can cost hundreds of dollars. With this Geiger Counter Kit from the Maker Shed you can build your own at a fraction of the price! This easy to solder kit can be built in an evening and it works just like you think it would; clicking and blinking in the presence of radiation. Is grandma's dish collection radioactive? Do bananas give off radiation? Are your granite table tops giving off gamma rays? After you build your own Geiger Counter you'll be able to find out!

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Turn your camera phone into a Geiger counter

W00t Geiger Counter Phone will help me figure out if the Nuclear Facility outside Denver is something that I can live in! :P