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10 Seriously Awesome Pieces of Geeky Furniture

computer geek pillows quote from taylor: "We can name our kids Ctrl, Alt, Del and hit them all at the same time!" hahaha Just thought it was a funny quote

When you are stressed, you can sleep on the delete pillow to get rid of all those thoughts!

The Stormtrooper deck chair. @Laura Jayson Barbarick and @Kristján Örn Kjartansson Gott and @Shawn O Saucier --Personally, I like the floppy disk coffee table. :)

17 Of The Geekiest Furniture Items For Your Home

The Stormtrooper deck chair and other geek furniture - I'm thinking I could modify the Adirondack chair pattern.

Periodic Table Coffee Table (with specimens)

Each element sample is individually embedded inside a solid acrylic block. The blocks are arranged in the familiar grid of the periodic table, carefully illuminated and beautifully presented beneath a sheet of toughened glass

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How awesome would these Space Invaders chairs look in your game room (or living room!) This design by UK-based Dorothy out of foam.

Pixel art, great way to use the small pieces that I have...

Yes, you can get some old school arcade in the kitchen, courtesy of these Space Invaders chopping boards. Not just something cheap and cheerful, this is ve

Geek builds cat bed that looks just like Chain Chomp from Super Mario Brothers.

Geek Builds Cat Bed That Looks Like Chain Chomp from Super Mario Bros, Hilarity Ensues

16 Geeky Interior Designs You'll Want To Have In Your House

16 Geeky Interior Designs You'll Want To Have In Your House

I always liked the idea of a inset seating area. I'm thinking cement floor with a awesome couch cut into it.

The room with the skull carpet and suspended fire place is a member of the Flaming Lips' pad