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"This is the mark of an assassin, a Shadowhunter. The hidden blade. I have two. One for each wrist. The earliest models needed a sacrifice of cutting your ring finger off. I use the Da Vinci model, so I don't need to cut my ring fingers off."


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An official photo describing the kit of a British infantryman in 1939. Note that the gas mask ('respirator') and anti-chemical warfare cape are parts of the outfit, remnants of WW1 memories. In actual combat, and marching with full kit, the British infantryman would carry a pack known as a "valise" that contained more clothing and personal items. Officers wore the exact same uniform save for markings of their rank.


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Glowing Life Bar Necklace / Pin - video game jewelry nerd gifts health bar zelda jewelry

Critical Hit Collectibles, likewise purveyor of the Glowing Hadouken Necklace from Street Fighter and the Glowing Life Bar Necklace from The Legend of Zelda, releases their latest neck candy, this time Super Mario Bros. style. The Necklac

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Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss appears to get 'shot' on Hunger Games set

Tactical uniforms: Jennifer and Liam were decked out in combat gear and armed. Mockingjay, hunger games, sinsajo, Gale