17 Stupendously Awesome Gay Tattoos

I love the placement of number 11 or but perhaps a heart instead of a pineapple. And I think the semi-colon is great, particularly as I have studied, and will hopefully teach, English.

25 Amazing Inspo for Girls Who Want a Pride Tattoo 🌈🖊 ...

Strange and Erotic Minimalist Tattoos by Curt Montgomery

17 Stupendously Awesome Gay Tattoos

Pixel Rainbow Tattoo by blacktagtattoos on Etsy ~ This gave me an idea. I have a rainbow quilt designed. Put it together with some of my own poetry, and it would be a rockin' tattoo!

38 Colorful and Creative Pride Tattoos

Cammie Scott black and white tattoo

kind of in love with this tattoo (also cammie is the one who has it and she's amazing)

17 Stupendously Awesome Gay Tattoos

Another pinned said "My Tattoo I Came Up With. It Means Being Gay Isn't A Choice, You're Born That Way. Tattoo Done By: Matt P" awesome I love this idea