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Stainless Steel Gay Symbol Pride Snug Double Female LGBT Sign Pendant Necklace #Unbranded #Pendant

The image of the rainbow has become the modern symbol for gay or homosexual pride and activism. This is a good example of how a symbol can have applied meaning throughout the world and within culture who create them and give them meaning. Symbols like these are also found within religious scripture and culture, for the same purpose.


After that gay club was shot up in the US, it just rained where I was for a week straight. Felt like God was screaming at us


Gay Pride Community Support. Rainbow colored "Love" over a greater than symbol above red "Hate". #gaypride #liveloudgraphics


LGBT Pride Rainbow colored Love. the "L" in Love is replaced with the gay pride symbol Lambda. #gaypride #lambda #liveloudgraphics


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In case you live under a rock: Recently, SCOTUS made the groundbreaking decision to legalize gay marriage. We're so proud of our government for finally catching up with the rest of us! y'all. In honor of today — which will surely go