Route 66. Old fashioned gas pumps and other memorabilia outside the gas station Bill Shea opened on Rt. 66 more than fifty years ago. It is now a museum in Springfield, ILLINOIS. Fine Art photography.

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Route 66 Fine Art photography, for hanging wall art or framed prints. Old fashioned gas pumps and other memorabilia outside the gas station Bill Shea opened more than fifty years ago on Rt. It is now a museum in Springfield, Illinois.

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Extend the garage roof to look something like this Retro Gas Station. I like the door and windows placement and the retro signage. One pump between the roof supports. Air & water hoses would be awesome! Decomposed granite below.

Gas station? Photo inspiration

35 Really Unfortunate Neon-Sign Fails

A faulty letter "S" makes a gas station sign read as the word "hell"

In 1973 OAPEC nations imposed a oil embargo in response to the United States decision to assist the Israeli military. The resulting embargo left the states starved for fuel. Not only did snaking lines form for blocks to get to gas stations, but the fuel was rationed to only a certain amount per car. By February of 1974 20% of gas stations were dry

Gas shortage of the Very long lines for gas. I remember this so well, especially the sitting in the car, no air conditioning as we waited for our turn at the pump.

This gas station was a bit more upscaled than the gas stations in rural America!

Full Service gas stations meant having your oil checked, windshield cleaned, and tire pressure checked on all your tires. every time you bought gas.

Mysteriously Beautiful Abandoned Places

Mysteriously Beautiful Abandoned Places

"Going to show you what happens when you tease," he explained as the car slowed into the parking lot of an abandoned gas station. The gas station was a little Texas Chainsaw Massacre in style, but it would do.