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Skip the Mylicon drops and Gripe water with toxic ingredients and try this safe gas remedy instead with your baby.


How to Make Your Baby’s Gas Disappear With One Simple Remedy

When you need to solve your babies gas pain. Finding a home remedy for you babies tummy pain can be so hard! Learn what I did with this one simple remedy that eased up my babies gas. Made the pain disappear!


Baby Yoga for Gas and Colic Relief One thing to change: Always massage the belly clockwise (this helps digestion)


Benefits Of Baby Massage On Different Regions Of The Body

A baby's foot reflexology. via Monteko Aromatherapy Montenegro.


These ways to relieve constipation in babies and kids really work! I never knew that you could give babies probiotics for constipation and gas relief. How to relieve constipation in babies and kids!

5 Easy & Nutritious Snacks For Breastfeeding Moms