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Bargain hunters eye North Sea - - #ENEG


India and the Global Game of Gas Pipelines :: <P>Gas pipelines constitute an important, yet unexplored, aspect of strategic geography. As one of the fastest growing economies in the world, India’s need for energy is paramount. Though surrounded by gas-rich regions – Myanmar and Bangladesh to the east, the Gulf to the west and Central Asia to the north – India does not have a single gas pipeline coming in, going out or traversing through its territory to date.</P> <P>This book highl...

Deutsche Bank Initiates Coverage on Gulf Keystone Petroleum Limited -

from the Guardian

Fracking produces annual toxic waste water enough to flood Washington DC

Disgusting. Why are we tolerating this? Are your gas prices lower? Even if they were, would that be worth the total destruction of what's left of our environment???

from Bloomberg

Gas Pipeline Boom Fragmenting Pennsylvania's Forests

In this picture, the pipeline that is being assembled is taking up much open land. This open land could be used for many other helpful things, such as crops or more homes. Instead, there is a gas pipeline that is being put into place, which is now damaging the environment. The gas is now affecting the environment, by polluting the air, and making it dangerous for others to breath.