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Craig Kosak Paintings - Seven Ancestors**Richly textured and developed using many layers of alternately opaque and translucent paint, strong graphic composition and bold colors combine to set the stage for realistically rendered animals, objects and landscapes. The subjects are integrated with abstract elements and expressive brushwork representative of the inner emotive world.


One Crow for sorrow, Two Crows for mirth; Three Crows for a wedding, Four Crows for a birth; Five Crows for silver, Six Crows for gold; Seven Crows for a secret, not to be told; Eight Crows for heaven

from ShortList Magazine

Bloodied Game Of Thrones Banners

from Mail Online

Photographer's portraits of African tribes who can teach us happiness

A young woman from the Hamar tribe in Ethiopia wearing an animal skin and elaborate beaded...


One for sorrow, two for mirth, Three for a wedding, four for a birth, Five for silver, six for gold, Seven for a secret not to be told. Eight for heaven, nine for hell, And ten for the devil's own self' More


Reminds me of Wylly Folk St. John's children's book, "The Secret of the Seven Crows," which made particularly good use of a variant on this rhyme.


seems like this has to be a collage photo...its just such a perfect setting with the crow and the creepy house and the sky