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As a follow on to our piece about American carpet manufacturer turned hunting apparel makers C. H. Masland of Pennsylvania, we’d like to share some recent additions. Unlike other outdoor clothing companies, Masland came to it relatively late, and almost by accident. They had a wartime contract for canvases, clothing and tent awnings, but their main business had always been carpet manufacturing.

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7 Things Only People Who Love Their Career Will Understand

Grey: it's a only short word, and you might not have much to say about it. We say that you should think again - whether you want soft and pale, to make a statement, or to play with textures and patterns, it's all here, and it's trending for winter

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A cruelty-free angora rabbit fur trade may be incompatible with fast fashion

**[Footage shot secretly in China shows live rabbits tied by their front and back paws being plucked raw. Hair is ripped from their bodies to ensure fibers are as long and heavy as possible - the pain and shock of which causes the rabbits to scream. The rabbits are put back into cramped wire cages to grow their hair back ready for plucking again. After three years the rabbits have their throats cut.]


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