One Pot Creamy Garlic Pasta | Easy vegan fettuccine alfredo-style pasta dish that all cooks together in one pot.

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Learn more about garlic nutrition facts, health benefits, healthy recipes, and other fun facts to enrich your diet.

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#Garlic is one of the most common #Herbs that is used to not just flavour your food, but also used as a medicine to treat myriad health ailments. Here we present to you a few of the many #HealthBenefits of garlic that you did not know before!

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Garlic is a food that healthy eaters either love or hate. But if you're trying to watch your waistline or improve your diet, garlic nutrition can give you a boost. Find out how to prepare garlic and why you should add this low-calorie food to your meals.

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If You Eat Garlic and Honey On an Empty Stomach For 7 Days, This Is What Happens To Your Body

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