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Garfield Comic Strip, September 04, 2016 on


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I used to be an avid Garfield and comics reader, and freshman year I would draw a lot of comics about things I thought were funny. Comic making is a pretty fun activity, and all that's needed are a pencil, paper, coloring utensils, and a ruler for fun cartooning times. Of course, it doesn't have to be elaborate unless you want it to be (mine certainly aren't).


Garfield by Jim Davis Sunday, July 20, 2014 A classic!

Garfield comic strip for Jan/17/2016


This would be hilarious if I didn't find myself in that last panel all too often these days.


Garfield Strip from 25 Aug 2013 I'm pinning for the mischievous expression on Garfield's face :)

Garfield for 2/23/2014 | Garfield | Comics | ArcaMax Publishing