Sculpture: 'Leaf Form I (Large Metal Rowan Leaf sculpture)' by sculptor Peter M Clarke in Garden Sculptures - Garden Sculpture for sale - ArtParkS Sculpture Park - Bringing Sculpture into the Open

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Copper Abstract Garden sculpture by artist Peter M Clarke titled: 'Copper Leaf (Giant Fern frond Outside Sculptures)' £592 #sculpture #art

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Stainless steel Abstract Garden sculpture by artist Thomas Joynes titled: 'Revolve (Stainless Steel Abstract Garden Sculptures)' £2667 #sculpture #art

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Spiral rock sculpture...(no Diy) drill through stones, thread wire, twist to desired shape. Attach to a post.

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Mirrored stainless steel. float glass. Garden sculpture by artist Jane Bohane titled: 'Shattered Lens (glass garden sculptures)'

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Robin Wight made me a version of 'Rusty' with a dandelion puff. She is now called Flora Clementine Esterhazy and lives in our walnut tree. Fantasy Wire Fairies Sculptures

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