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Rubbish dump found floating in Pacific Ocean is twice the size of America

NO GOVERNMENT TAKES ACTION TOWARDS PLASTIC SOUP, twice the size of America, threatens life cycles across the planet and our food chains. Today this is but a worrying fact. How much plastic did you throw away or even buy in the last weeks? How much do you accept waste as part of everything you buy?

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Don't trash your Wedding Flower arrangements… DONATE them! Many churches would love to have them for other ceremonies and services. Brighten someone's day with flowers- Give Them!

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Catch of the Day: Plastic Surprise. Please recycle! And throw your trash in the can, not on a beautiful beach. Litter harms everyone.

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Small storage for along the side of a house

Shed. for stuff underneath the stairs. e.g. things like lamp shades/ shelves that belong to the landlord and clothes waiting for the charity shop. or plant pots etc...

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We have used recycled milk bottles and packing foam edges to update our outdoor waterplay area. Using recycled materials within the program allows children to think about sustainability and ways they can help the environment. Quality area 3.3.1 - Sustainable practices are embedded in service operations. - Gowrie Victoria

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