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future-slp: “Let’s do this! I’ve already done groceries, baked a cake, and took out my garbage & recycling… Time to study before hosting a dessert potluck tonight! ”


Kash... a little boy who had a severe reaction to 1yr vaccines. (MMR is presumed) Severe seizures and medically induced coma.

ADOREABLE DIY CHORE CHART for KIDS: Basically each chore magnet contains a chore that needs to be done once a week by each child. Once done, it can be moved to the “done” section. Larger sized magnets are for big jobs like cleaning the playroom or sorting out games and small toys. List of possible chores: -SHOES & COATS -BOOKS -DUST -LAUNDRY -MAKE BED -CLEAN ROOM -CLEAN PLAYROOM -CLEAN LIVING ROOM -GARBAGE -ORGANIZE TOYS/GAMES


Is your Trash compacter clogged? This can be from multiple factors including the material you are using to throw away your garbage. Schedule now at

Thinking of bringing back the weekly layout. Do you have a weekly spread to help you keep on track throughout the week? Hope you're all having a relaxing Sunday! #bulletjournal #planner #planneraddict #bujo #bulletjournaling