Space Saving waste bin in Contemporary Shaker Kitchen by Tom Howley

Need lots of recycling space in addition to the trash. Tom Howley - kitchens - hidden garbage can, hidden garbage cabinet, pull out garbage can,

Why I am trying to use less plastic: Surfrider Foundation - Catch of the Day

“Catch of the Day” Campaign Presents Trash Fresh from the Sea To bring attention to the issue of ocean pollution, the Surfrider Foundation teamed up with advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi LA to.

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Journal Writing Prompts for Depression and Anxiety

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Turn off your tv, remove cable. They only show you what they want you to see.

Bin storage ( but how do you use the bins without having to wheel them out each time you use them?)

Paving's gone crazy: Creative alternatives to paving in front gardens

Wheelie Bin Storage. So much nicer to have them tucked away instead of out in the open

Wheelie Bin Storage - I like the lid lifting idea.

This Is the Smartest Trash Can Cabinet We've Ever Seen — Small Space Solutions | The Kitchn

Floor space is always at a premium in a small kitchen, so integrate your bin if you can. Choose a split bin, such as this Three Section Swing Eco Bin from Magnet Trade and it’ll make recycling or composting a doddle to

British artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster are a creative team known for their experimental art including these mind-boggling light and shadow sculptures. T

Shadow Art Made From Trash That Will Blow Your Mind

To keep out javelinas!

Outdoor garbage/recycling shed


How to Install a Pull-out Garbage

Log and Bin Store

Log and bin store. Luke wants bins covered. I think it might make it a pain to oprn them.

This image sums up our oceans, beaches, and rivers today. The plastics represents that most of our bodies of water is polluted and filled with garbage.

This image sums up our oceans, beaches, and rivers today. The plastics represents that most of our bodies of water is polluted and filled with garbage. BE RESPONSIBLE, LOVE OUR PLANET!

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compost chute w/ concrete counters. Scribe Winery in Napa Valley Photography by Andres Gonzalez for Remodelista

Kitchen of the Week: A Hacienda Kitchen in Sonoma's Hippest Winery

Twin tub washing washed one side, then you had to use big wooden tongs to put it across to the spinner side.

Twin tub washing machine - (I remember my mum had one of these)

Chopping block with hole cut for rubbish/composting. ADORE THIS, will try and incorporate into new kitchen :D

Trash pullout with cutting board drawer. Love this idea. I once owned a house with a pull out cutting board, but this takes the idea one step further.