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Gamma Correction and Linear Colour Space

Gamma Correction and Linear Colour Space | Jon Hallier – Maddieman Games

The terms gamma correction and linear workflow has certainly started many debates about what is the correct way and what is the incorrect way, particularly in the 3D visualisation industry. The sim…

A nice 2 Part tutorial on Gamma Correction & Linear Workflow. Plus various other LightWave tuts and resources

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**** Luminance: shedding light on the role of brightness in photography about raw, linear light encoded, gamma correction, conventional gamma encoded with auto knee, log(arithmic) encoded..

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Gothic style wooden panels, inlaid with a floral patterned leather. This wall is taken from the Generations expansion pack. I have changed the original patterns and experimented with colours, saturation, gamma correction and light. This would look fabulous in any Castle, Gothic or medieval builds.

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