Fashion Plates. My mom had these and then she gave them to my sisters and I. We LOVED playing with them. So sad they are gone now.

55 Toys And Games That Will Make '90s Girls Super Nostalgic

girlyme: throughthelabyrinth: killakiddy: imremembering: Fashion Plates Remembered by Kate i used to love this thing sooooooo much! this was one of my favorite toys! I had this - LOVED it - played with it all the time! :D OMG, loved Fashion Plates!

Barbie party games a fun way to keep little girls engaged during a party. The iconic doll has captured the hearts and imagination of little girls for generations, so it’s no wonder she’s one of the most popular party themes!

Barbie Party Games for Kids: Glamorous Fun for Girls!

Let little girls get glamorous and show off their style with these fun Barbie party games for kids! Use free printables and supplies you have!

Hello Barbie

5 of This Year's Hottest Tech Toys For Kids

Barbie Chat with WiFi & Speech Recognition Technology Hello Barbie Doll

strong female characters in cartoon series | Last month, Mattel released a Katniss Everdeen doll, inspired by the ...

Katniss vs Merida: Mattel’s doll versions of strong girl characters

The Hunger Games Katniss doll wears a hooded jacket, top, and military-style pants inspired by the costume Katniss wore in the film and comes with a bow, arrows, and quiver. Completing her look is the iconic mockingjay pin. (ages 6 and up)

Barbie Fashionista Doll in Blonde Pink ~ | Ages 3+ |  The Barbie Fashionistas dolls are a very fashionable tribe of friends who love to embrace new trends. This season is all about playing w/ color & these girls have jumped right in. Barbie doll in Pink wears an adorable mini-dress w/ silver sparkle as trim ~ A white diamond-shaped bag & strappy pink booties scream style maven.

Barbie Fashionistas Barbie Doll - Pink and Silver Dress 2012 Articulated NIB

How to Make the BEST Keto Hot Cocoa with only 3 ingredients! We love hot cocoa in the winters! |

The BEST Keto Hot Cocoa

How to Make the BEST Keto Hot Cocoa with only 3 ingredients! We love hot cocoa in the winters! |

Generations of Dreams Barbie

30+ Cool Fashion Sketches

I have a Barbie catalogue showing a photo of the doll in this very dress by Robert Best. It's printed with Barbie images including paper doll covers. Really fun illustration of the gown!