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Get a bowl and fill with small pieces of paper. On one piece write "Murderer". There is one murderer and the rest are victims.put everyone in a pitch dark room, but with a single light switched on. Stand by the light switch. turn off the light. When the light goes out the murderer has to touch someone who "dies". put the light back on. The people have to guess who the murderer is. After each guess the light goes out again until either people guess correctly or the murderer wins

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Jennifer Lawrence's Hunger Games audition blew everyone away

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Dirty Pictionary Bachelorette Party Game - Bachelorette party game, drinking games, Bachelorette Game, girls night out

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Female armour in RPGs

Female armour in RPGs I disapprove of the female depictions ... Only cuz I'm fat n gross but still it's a little scanty


This single girl doesn't play around or play games... You like me? Then pursue me... I want a man not a boy... a man leads and pursues and a boy will only lead you on and expect you to pursue him! Either stand up and be the man a girl needs or sit down, so she can see the man behind you.


Dusky pinks like Satin Bow not only create a sophisticated effect for adults rooms but are ideal for nurseries. Its chalky quality gives the room a nurturing feel, perfect for your little ones. Why not add a soft blue like Steel Symphony 4 to really enhance this muted pink.

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13 Fantastic games that are Perfect for any Princess Party!

Princess parties can be the perfect, sometimes the only choice, for some little girls! But for you parents, it might not be the party