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Gamer Love Story

How cute is this?

This is my dad and I because we both love old action movies and we are forever answering people like this. copy, affirmative, what's your location, etc. so this is sooo funny to me!

Gamer Couple Poses.

Someone asked for cuddling ideas, but I honestly don’t have anything interesting. The key in the last panel is to keep your butt down or he can’t see over it! >:T (Unless you lack any curves;

It always starts off like this when we game. But then I wiggle my way out till I'm sat on the floor, due to competitiveness and getting far to in to the game.  Or wiggle around, blow raspberries on him, do anything to distract him from beating me.

"gamer couples want this!" If you can call yourself a 'gamer couple' you must already HAVE this.

Haha there are no limits to name calling when my husband and I play video games

Perfect love?

Funny pictures about Perfect love? Oh, and cool pics about Perfect love? Also, Perfect love?

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Also im a GAMER not a gamer girl I'll settle for a girl that games if you HAVE TO specify that I'm a girl

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Funny pictures about This One Is Definitely A Keeper. Oh, and cool pics about This One Is Definitely A Keeper. Also, This One Is Definitely A Keeper photos.

Types of Gamer Couples .. I hear guys complaining all the time, that its hard to find a girl who likes gaming.. for me, most men I meet, aside from online, don't game. And they look at me oddly, because I do

The 6 Types of Gamer Couples, I'd either be part of the one sided rivalry or the cutthroat couple xD

I want this to happen to me one day. Except  I have the pocky stick in my mouth and my own controller in my hand. <3

Gamer Couple: this is actually really cute. i have to i am sorry but this remind me of me and Andrew aaaaawwwwww

A wedding for the true XBOX gamer.

Carefree Garden Wedding At Club Continental

I love how Doritos don't need a name tag.

She's the One, Man