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5 New Uses for Old Toys

Lord knows I've got enough toys laying around... May as well put them to use! BrightNest | 5 New Uses for Old Toys


"ROWBOTS" Recycled assemblage using mint tins, computer and radio parts, found objects, recycled materials, game pieces, sewing notions, light bulbs, wrenches on wood panel. 20 bots on a 30 1/4"H x 30 1/4"W panel. 2015 © Jen Hardwick $850.00 Free Shipping. (USA Only). Available to purchase at 3R Technology, Seattle, WA. If interested in purchasing, please contact Sherae at (206) 957-2682 or


Simple Fundraiser- double decker - have two packs of same cards - lay down one pack and put prizes on top most have boobie prizes such as sweets, balloons, party favours but one or two have big prizes like box of chocolates or money or bubble bath. People buy a card from corresponding down turned deck, they then turn card over and match to upturned deck to win that prize


Great to use photo of the children in any area, including construction. They can put themselves in the scene!

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Vintage Toy Necklace, Flower Necklace, Statement Necklace - Babes In Toyland