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Born a slave in Essos, Melisandre is now a Red Priestess of the Lord of Light. Hailing from Asshai, a country of the continent of Essos, she claims to wield magical abilities, esp. the power of prophecy. Her large ruby necklace seems to glow whenever she performs her magic. Some years ago she crossed the Narrow Sea and came to the court of Lord Stannis Baratheon on the island stronghold of Dragonstone to preach. She has become a close adviser to Stannis.

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Cersei’s Prophecy In ‘Game Of Thrones’: Could Sansa Be The One To Bring Her Down Rather Than Margaery?

History of Thrones is our series examining important events and people from the complex and controversial past of Westeros, ones that might tell us something about the story going forward on Game of Thrones. However, if you aren't caught up on the show, or think reading theories is equivalent to being eaten by a dragon, then you will probably consider this to be full of spoilers. Part 1: The Tower of Joy and the Most Important Game of Thrones Theory Part 2: The Long Night and Identifying…

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