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tony is not a villain!! neither is bucky. i love tony and i always will.

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There is no sympathy in poker. Always keep cool. If you lose your head you will…

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Hand Crafted Montessori Practical Life Clothesline Activity Fine Motor Pincer Grip Hand/Eye Coordination Teacher Resources Home Schooling

Hand Crafted Montessori Practical Life Clothesline Activity. This work is always a favorite! Children love activities that mimic real life,

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God i wish it was a lie i wonder where my life goes on the 5pm to 5am or 7am grinding sesions in a freaking kingdom hearts game i feel like a bit of a no life loser

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Uther Pendragon is in the middle of a MarioKart race, you shall not interrupt him. >>>>>> This is hilarious! Totally agree with this statement but...why is his phone pink??? :P

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4.7.16+1:25pm // 31/100 days of productivity // hello, everyone! i’m back with the bullet journal ideas. i made these yesterday after studying, and i was trying to think out of the box. also, i got the “celebrity wall” thing from when my friend...

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