Gallows Humor And A Better Pain Chart - Living With Juvenile Arthritis

A better pain chart than the one at the hospital. Perfect for Fibro/Chronic pain/Migraine sufferers!

Nature isn't good

Nature isn't good

How convenient.

How convenient.

Funny pictures about Well That Was Fast. Oh, and cool pics about Well That Was Fast. Also, Well That Was Fast photos.

So sad... Truly gallows humor

The 167 Funniest Tweets Of All Time

Just so y’all know how you saying shit ain’t the same as the person who is in the hot seat saying shit.

gallows humor hurt me when I made jokes about myself because it reminded me of how bad things were

Personality type humor MBTI - I answered the question before I read the INTJ…

I am sold that I am a cross between esfp esfj and isfp because I would totally say all three XD

These comments are killing me. It's a grave situation. It's tomb much. But I'm trying to urn my keep. I'll decease and desist now. Posted to Bob Derbyshires page 04/05/16 with this comment It's tomb much to imagine, but I'll try to urn my way. "Don't want my comments buried. That would kill me."

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