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Looking for Costa Rican food recipes? CostaRicaGuides has free recipes for traditional food lovers who would like to try these dishes at home. Gallo Pinto is the most popular Costa Rican meal for breakfast

Costa Rica - Gallo Pinto

Make this delicious traditional Costa Rican and Central American Breakfast recipe Gallo Pinto.

Gallo Pinto (Costa Rican Rice and Beans)

Gallo Pinto - Traditional Costa Rican Recipe

Gallo pinto is a traditional rice dish from Costa Rica and Nicaragua prepared with the typical Lizano sauce.

Authentic Costa Rican Gallo Pinto (beans and rice) recipe, Guanacaste travel outings and travel tips for Costa Rica.

Gallo pinto (beans and rice) is the national dish of Costa Rica and we got this authentic Tico recipe from the kitchen of Mercedes and Quincho Rodriguez. Gallo pinto is also the national food of Nicaragua!

Gallo Pinto: Costa Rican Rice and Beans Breakfast

Gallo pinto is a scrumptious popular Costa Rican breakfast of rice, beans and aromatic vegetables served with eggs and a side of caramelized plantains.

Gallopinto (Nicaraguan Rice and Beans)

Gallo Pinto (Costa Rican Rice and Beans)

Gallo Pinto (Costa Rican Rice and Beans) - versatile side dish can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Made healthier with brown rice.

Gallo Pinto – a nutritious concoction of fried rice and boiled beans with some fresh greens thrown into the mix – is a staple food for most people in Nicaragua and it is not uncommon to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, often with slight variations depending on what the family have grown themselves... Read More

Have you tried Gallo Pinto? It's one of our favorite Costa Rican dishes. Learn how to make it with this Gallo Pinto Recipe from the kitchen of Blue Osa:

Gallo Pinto is the national dish of Costa Rica and no one who's visited will forget Tico beans and rice. This is the authentic recipe for "spotted rooster"