Some nice details... long-run roof cladding extends to wall cladding, subtle gutters.

opper Clad House - Graux & Baeyens - the untreated copper cladding will oxidise over time, gradually changing colour from golden brown to vivid turquoise on the walls and roof of this house, giving the building "a poetic impermanence"

Atelier Tom Vanhee adds pair of gabled extensions to brick farmhouse in Belgium

3six0 creates living annex for elderly in-laws at Rhode Island home

Minimalist zinc clad architecture with tratidional form.

Chen + Suchart creates a gabled addition clad in metal for an historic Arizona home

Chen + Suchart extends historic Arizona home with metal-clad gabled addition

oh wow.  Could totally be a lake house.  Those windows, loft and open floor plan.  Makes my eyes roll back in my head.

Bold comfort farm

BarlisWedlick’s contemporary Hudson farmhouse, which has achieved Passive House status for its energy efficiency

Modern countryside villa by MAAS Archicten

Maas Architecten merges a thatched cottage with a glass greenhouse

A gabled greenhouse appears to slide out from beneath the thatched roof of this villa, completed by Maas Architecten in the Dutch countryside

Piercy & Company has slotted a house behind an old stable facade in London, creating a pair of rusty gable walls with a glazed stairwell in between.

Weathered steel sits beside ageing brickwork at Kew House in London

Derbyshire Passivhaus by Bridge Architects                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Derbyshire Passivhaus by Bridge Architects - love how the "wall" folds down to be a porch/awning for the house .

Gotland Summer House by Deve Architecture - Google Search

Gotland Summer House, by Jens Enflo (Enflo) & Morten Vedelsbøl (DEVE), 2011 Love the moveable privacy wall of courtyard and simple shape of architecture.