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Ga Power Outage

I love mossy areas in the garden, but am not sure I would bring it inside unless it was quite isolated, which would probably rule this wall out, although this does look amazing! I think the beauty of moss can be under-rated, it can be stunning. Especially when it glows in sunlight.


Broad Street, Atlanta, GA, 1/2011. North Georgia does get snow every year. ICY snow that causes damage, power outages and accidents. It is very dangerous and we aren't silly to stay at home when it comes down.

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NWS Southern Region on

twitter/ "NWS_Southern_US: Widespread Power Outages Possible from Atlanta, GA eastward into Columbia, SC. Prepare NOW!" 2/11/14

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30 Quick Fixes and Tips for Everyday Home Disasters

Not all disasters are created equal, and while a leaking roof may present some immediate challenges, it's not on par with the aftermath of a hurricane or a region-wide power outage. The Boy Scouts are right: It pays to be prepared. Even if it never happens to you, history teaches us nothing if not the importance of planning for the worst. A simple emergency kit can provide everything you need when big disasters hit. Equip it with the following: + Flashlight + Battery-operated radio + Five…

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7 Smart Organizing Tricks You Probably Haven’t Tried (but Should!)

7 Smart Organizing Tricks You Probably Haven’t Tried (but Should!) | It’s true: closets, desks, drawers, and countertops overflowing with clutter can cause stress and guilt. Here’s how to get organized for greater efficiency and peace of mind.