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Doug Richard: How to find out if your product will sell -

If you've got an idea for a new product, how do you test to see if there is a market or demand for it without investing lots of money. Former Dragon's Den investor and creative business expert Doug Richard reveals all. #sellertips #tips

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Every time, Arthur...either you have very loyal friends, or they realize that you're absolute rubbish without back-up. ;P

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So proud of what you have given your children... It wasn't always easy, still isn't. But in the end it is worth it! Youve given your boys, better that what you had. That's all you can do!!!

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The Quiraing

Walking the paths of The Quiraing, Isle of Skye, Scotland. The Quiraing is awesome. It is supernatural. It is a place of wonder and amazement. It is outstanding by any measure. If you are fit enough to walk the narrow path and scramble up and down the steep slopes – you must do it. To visit Skye without experiencing the Quiraing seems unthinkable. Photo by CJ 540 on Flickr.

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Such striking pinks can be found in the "summer notes" bouquet by our very talented partner florist, The English Flowerhouse. We've hand-selected London's finest independent florists who create exceptional arrangements for all occasions. They're now all under a single website for you to browse and enjoy. It's the new way to buy luxury bouquets without the extortionate pricetag. Discover more of London's finest flowers at

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for my first time playing skyrim, I couldn't figure out how to equip the shout XD

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Ron Weasley. I love harry potter but the lack of a question mark here is making me despise this whole thing.

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haha can't you just imagine all of the Weasley boys competeing to be their nieces and nephews favorite uncle. Charlie showing off the dragons, Bill telling stories, Percy taking them behind the scenes at the ministry, George bringing them presents from the shop, and Ron telling them stories about the famous Harry Potter and how he couldn't have done it without their Uncle Ron!

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