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So fluffy caterpillar.

I love fuzzy Caterpillars! and this is one of my favorites!

I love fuzzy Caterpillars! and this is one of my favorites!

Pyrrharctia isabella - a childhood friend for most of us.  "Wooly Caterpillar.  Predicted how long the winter would be......

Pyrrharctia isabella - 'Wooly bear'- you could "predict" how cold the coming winter would be by how wide the orange stripe was on these caterpillars.

Not a Muppet! by rjdudley:   Apatelodes torrefacta (Dagger moth) larvum found on a fence. #Yellow_Fuzzy_Caterpillar #Apatelodes_Torrefacta #Dagger_Moth_larvum #rjdudley

Not a Muppet! Apatelodes torrefacta (yellow fuzzy Dagger moth caterpillar) found on a fence.


A Caterpillar’s Thought Experiment

Hickory Tussock Catterpillar-Sharon Duguay  #caterpillar #poison #fuzzy

Hickory Tussock Caterpillar by Sharon Duguay

Soft, fuzzy Caterpillars turn into beautiful flying butterflies and moths

Caterpillar Tree of Assassin caterpillars

Black Fuzzy Caterpillar

Black Fuzzy Caterpillar

Black Caterpillar with Spikes and Red Bands: What is it? Did you find a black fuzzy caterpillar? If so, you might have a giant leopard moth caterpillar, also known as a great leopard moth or an eyed tiger moth (scientific.

Brown Black Fuzzy Caterpillar | Caterpillar of Giant Leopard Moth, Hypercompe scribonia (formerly ...

Caterpillar of Giant Leopard Moth, Ecpantheria scribonia © Hilton Pond Center

Don't know what it is, but the color is pretty.

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“One day I’ll be a butterfly, but I’d rather be your friend.” | 17 Fuzzy Caterpillars Who Just Want To Be Loved

'One day I'll be a butterfly, but I'd rather be your friend.'

“One day I’ll be a butterfly, but I’d rather be your friend.

The most common black and brown fuzzy caterpillar is known as the woolly bear caterpillar, which turns into a tiger moth species when mature.

You can keep a woolly bear caterpillar for several months. This one will turn into an Isabella tiger moth.

caterpillar on flower

High resolution development desktop wallpaper of Caterpillar On Flower, Oregon (ID:

Macro Photography by Miron Karlinsky

Pine Processionary Caterpillar (Thaumetopoea pityocampa) by Miron Karlinsky

How to Make a Very Hungry Caterpillar #crafts #books

Very Hungry Caterpillar Crafts: Fuzzy Caterpillar

Very Hungry Caterpillar Crafts: Fuzzy Caterpillar - Formula Mom

Wooly Bear Orange and Black Fuzzy Caterpillar Stuffed Toy Snuggle Worm Plushie. $33.00, via Etsy.

Caterpillar Stuffed Animal Cute Plush Toy Caterpillar Wooly Bear the Orange and Black Snuggle Worm Cuddly Faux Fur Toy Small Inches