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Explanation of the technology fused deposition modelling including advantages / disadvantages, materials, machines, vendors, applications and restrictions.

High-Definition 3D Printer Creates Objects With Light [VIDEO]

The B9Creator is a 3D Printer that can create objects on a much smaller and finer scale than other 3D printers. It uses photosensitive resin instead of Fused Deposition Modeling to print its objects.


Echinodermania -- sculpture by George W. Hart. Made of ABS by fused deposition modeling. The above is 8 inches across.

3D printing is the technology of the future which is here to stay. 3D Printing has extensive applications in various industries. 3D Printing is helping Melbourne and Australia based businesses in increasing their revenue by manufacturing creative products. The technologies are Fused Deposition Modeling, Stereolithography, Digital Light Processing, Selective Laser Sintering & Melting, Electronic Beam Melting, Laminated Object Manufacturing.