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Here's What Happened When We Tried Hairy Nails

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Furry nails are a thing and they’re exactly as bizarre as they sound

Yep, Chewbacca style. Why? Because They reminded me Star wars character,  Chewbacca! Oh oh Loves, I’m gonna show you the craziest nail trend from 2016 NYFW . AND I LOVE IT. Check this new ama…

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Doobys Stiletto Nails Electric Blue velvet furry nails 24 Claw Point... (£20) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring beauty products, nail care, nail polish, nails and makeup

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Furry Nails Is the Craziest Nail Trend of the Moment

Have you ever seen furry nails? Or here's another question: have you ever thought it might exist? Well, you probably say no, but this incredible idea is absolutely real!