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Spanish designer Jorge Penadés created a new method of production to revitalize discarded leather waste from factories. Structural Skin is a capsule collection created from this new material that is made completely of discarded leather waste, including an

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Lounge seating for above/into the bush in front of house. View of the river below. For tanning and entertaining.

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Shabby Chic Wedding Decor - Birdcage centrepieces in Home, Furniture & DIY, Wedding Supplies, Centerpieces & Table Decor | eBay

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Zaha Hadid... guess as an architect we have the right to design anything and everything in the house!

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Ultimate Swedish Meatballs (Sorry Ikea

I will admit that it may seem a little odd to emulate a recipe from a low cost furniture store. But hey, I am a little odd. I also like Ikea and I liked their meatballs! I haven’t had them in years, in-fact I think they may have stopped selling them for a while after... Read more

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Room Colours: An Expert Guide To Using The 14 Most Popular Colours In Your Home

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Etica Studio - The Recycled House | House Nerd, Spanish cement tiles ....we can supply tiles like this, Villa Lagoon Tile

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Spanish Interactive Notebook Activity: La Casa

La Casa Spanish Interactive Notebook Activity ~ Students label the rooms and furniture, write sentences behind the flaps describing what happens in each room, draw their family behind the door, and write a paragraph describing their house.

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Bright and light entrance hall with Spanish encaustic patterned tiled floor and stair runner.

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