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Ha! That's what you get when you try to be funny...or try to write a poem.

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18 Mind-Boggling Text Fails

Good excuse if you aren't in the mood to message someone. Let's just hope they don't get wise

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As soon as I saw this I thought of Lindsay Mendez and Derek Klena, even though they aren't the couple on here! KLENDEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ FOR LIFE❤️

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DarthVaderHey, someone changed the name of all the contacts in my phone, and I'm trying to figure out who everyone is. | What's my contact name? | Darth Vader, but who is this? | Luke... I am your father.. | Haha, very funny. Now, really, who is this? | It's your father, Luke. I knew your name would entertain me one day.

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Teen who wants to throw party hacks parents' phone and changes 'no' to 'hell yes' using autocorrect

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humorous text messages | Autocorrect Fail Funny Text Messages Blog Funny Text Messages Meme SMS ...

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