This is... very fake. The name is Mommy, so that means the grey is the mother. Plus, it looks like it's from smartphowned and anything that comes from that site is fake

I have a question? If the mom is the one who's point of view it is. then why does it say mommy at the top as if she was texting her mom, those who say that it could be her mom , why would she promise ice cream and say she was evil?

Funny Text About People vs. Monkeys

I did this with a friend of mine and they just said ----- r u having one of ur homicidal episodes? and I'm just like oh no I'm fine I just wanted to see if u cared bout the monkey and then I realised that this is what I'm like everyday.

Funny Text About Big Bang Theory vs Two And Ha...

Funny Text About Big Bang Theory vs Two And Half men vs how I met your mother