THIS IRRITATES ME SO MUCH! They just crossed the line of cruelty. No dementor, no matter how evil, should have to live with her.<<< Pinning for brilliant comment!!!<<< hahahahaha!!!!!

And The Whisper Snake Place! HAHA<<<< I'm American but this is still funny. I think that it should have stayed Philosopher's Stone though.

Unless your name is GOOGLE stop acting like you know everything.

I am mad at someone right now , so thats the reason I am posting this comebacks stuff xD

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Humor ecard: Eenie meenie miny moe You aint nothing but a hoe You think you're cute You think you're classy Newsflash girl You're fricken nasty LMAO terribly funny and accurate

Your village called. Their idiot is missing.

Your village called. Their idiot is missing. Re Your jealousy called to smack you in the face rofl

Using this insult for the rest of my life

New fav insult

How to insult people

How to insult people

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You'd struggle to pour water out of a boot with the instructions on the heel New favorite insult