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Suspect your elders.

I walked down the hall, my pressed skirt and blouse stiffly rubbed my skin. As I rounded the corner I assumed to see the gold plate I always see but I stopped in surprise. Black sharpie had defiled the plate. But the thought had made my mind race....


SIDA (Serious Infant Dental Assault) Although there were genuine cases of children fatally biting people in 1970s Scarfolk*, historians now believe that there were far fewer incidents than was originally thought.


Tip: if you're in theatre, the directors do not fuck around when it comes to gum, candy, food, and drinks on stage. It's like an unspoken rule of the theater world to not bring food on stage.


#CabbingAllTheWay Book Review: Cabbing All The Way by Jatin Kuberkar This book reminded me of my Corporate working days. The commute, its pains, causes, excuses, funny incidents, life-lessons .... banter, fun times, problem solving may it be work or personal we used to chip in for each other, parties, treats, leg pulling, friends who are still in our Good-friends list,.... God, this book made me feel old ;) It is an overall good book to read and enjoy.