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It's SO easy to think you're going crazy when you deal with narcs and narcopaths. Research and read everything you can on them. Realize it's THEM, it was never you. Knowledge is such power!

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Can You Guess The Correct Disney Movie Based On Its Opening Line?

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Its okay. I understand. She's skinnier. She's funnier. She's prettier. Don't worry. I wouldn't choose me either.

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20 inspirational quotes from Pinterest to help you get over a shitty breakup

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Poems Porn on

I think one of the saddest things is when two people really get to know each other: their secrets, their fears, their favorite things, what they love, what they hate, literally everything, and then they go back to being strangers. It's like you have to walk past them and pretend like you never knew them, never even talked to them before, when really, you know everything about them.

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Stay away from people who make you feel you're hard to love. And those who feel you're hard to understand.

No one ever said love was easy - but it shouldn't ever bee too hard. If it's too complicated let it go, but if two people love easily and happily, they must be truly meant to be.

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