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Fell Out Of|Funny Happy Birthday Card Another 365 Days Since You Fell Out Of A Vagina Hooray!! Better make sure their mum didn't have a caesarean section, or this joke becomes redundant. A hilariously honest happy birthday card for a friend or family member.

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We've been friends for so long Funny Blank Happy Birthday Greeting Card best friends novelty BFF

A personal favourite from my Etsy shop


Something Beginning With|Rude General Card I Spy With My Little Eye Something Beginning With Twat. A new twist on a classic game. This funny, rude card is perfect for a friend or family member.


Everyone loves a good old pun. Here at Top Table, we had great fun coming up with the puns for our food pun card range. 'Lettuce Celebrate'


almost no one really sings it in german. if anything, there's this other song but it's probably only in german because there's no english version. Not even the whole song, only the first part (Anyone even know the whole song? they only sing it in kindergarten/primary mostly)


Think old & you'll be old. Think young & you'll be a delusional old fart!

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Is THIS the secret to a stress-free life?

Is THIS the secret to a stress-free life? Teacher list of 101 tips goes viral | Daily Mail Online

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F is for funny: satirical spins on classic Ladybird designs – in pictures

Hmmmmm ... LOL!!! Have a great birthday evening Nicole! Can't believe you're 39 today. I feel like the luckiest lady on earth to be the one who got to be your Mama!! Love & adore you my sweet Baby Girl!!! XOXO