Fell Out Of|Funny Happy Birthday Card Another 365 Days Since You Fell Out Of A Vagina Hooray!! Better make sure their mum didn't have a caesarean section, or this joke becomes redundant. A hilariously honest happy birthday card for a friend or family member.

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We should just live our life like minho. His face makes me laugh so hard! You should reenact that second scene.

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Zero Fox Given|Funny General Card A funny general card, great for a birthday boy or girl. Congratulate them with this hilarious card.

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Men With Big Bellies Make Better Lovers (Says Science)

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Are these the most offensive greetings cards you can buy?

Because every woman wants to be insulted on her birthday - especially with a derogatory, sexist term. But perhaps they do as this card is so popular, it is now sold out online.

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Something Beginning With|Rude General Card I Spy With My Little Eye Something Beginning With Twat. A new twist on a classic game. This funny, rude card is perfect for a friend or family member.

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Minimalist illustrations that guarantee to raise a smile

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