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Or as this dog calls it, "The Nope, Huh-Uh Place of Pain and Degradation" Anal thermometer anyone?

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The Best And Funniest Doctor

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"One does not simply..." "Hello everyone, I'm the Doctor. OOh, the Council of Elrond...I thought you were a myth! How exciting. You're all brilliant, you are...taking the ring all the way into Mordor ON FOOT, just the nine of you...well, eight. Well....I say eight....but you were saying Boromir?" "What?"<<< This is absolutely fantastic... Well done to the person who thought of it!

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Doctor Who? No really it's Doctor Who? Listen I am being serious…

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#doctorwho #thereturnofdoctormysterio

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Please like, repin and share! Thanks a lot :) <<--- yer before you kiss them

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