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Black Twitter Tuesday

Nick Young | Know Your Meme

Confused Nick Young

Wednesday lolz – Welcome to our latest edition of midweek funnies. Once more, hours of internet scavenging have allowed us to come across all sorts.

Fix that attitude before I fix it for you.

The face your mom would make ANY time you ask for something in the store:


The most awesome images on the Internet

tbh i dont really like boys they scare the shit out of me cus you dont jnow what theyre gonna do and *screaming*

This is seriously the greatest picture to ever picture what the fuck is happening

None of this makes any sense (50 Photos)

I rap and I rhyme I rhyme and I rip this is the way that Dy-Lon spits

The 85 Funniest Tweets Of All Time

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12 Pictures That Show The Difference Between Doing Your Hair As A Black Girl And Doing Your Hair As Everyone Else

Even Trump is offended by this

Check this out

Even Trump is offended by this <<< LOL or Hispanic people XD there are a few with blond hair but it's such a rarity

When you think you’re gonna get smart and tell her you’re calling the cops: | 36 Situations That Are Too Real For People With Black American Moms

When you think you're gonna get smart and tell her you're calling the cops: