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I know you had lots of Birthday wishes yesterday, but who is thinking of you today? Me, that's who. Happy Belated Birthday.

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Junior, thank you finally someone in the in the family likes a beer sometimes , for making Amber , the kids happy !!! ----- Have A Awsome Birthday------ ----- <3 Reny and Peggy ------ 1.28.15

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Funny Birthday Wishes for your family & friends

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I bought you an awesome bottle of wine for your birthday! It tasted wonderful. I thought about you the entire time, though.

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Fell Out Of|Funny Happy Birthday Card Another 365 Days Since You Fell Out Of A Vagina Hooray!! Better make sure their mum didn't have a caesarean section, or this joke becomes redundant. A hilariously honest happy birthday card for a friend or family member.

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Happy Birthday! Hope you're not abducted by aliens - Vulgar Birthday Cards

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