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I don't know why this makes me so happy See More:

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Bower Birds Are Awesome - all species should follow suit

Funny Animal Pictures – I seriously laughed and laughed and laughed till a little tear came out, I peed my pants and a small migraine occurred.......lmbo

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A Dog, 8 Birds and a Hamster Are the Most Unusual Best Friends EVER. ;)

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Hooded Oriole: This beautiful bird, with a mixed flame of yellow and black colours, is a sign of spring and summer in Canada and the United States. The bird is also known for its well-woven nest, which it builds in tall trees.

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Most funny animal memes and humor pics

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I've never seen this species<<<it's the near extinct species, The JackMeowDaw. Very rare and has no relation whatsoever to the bird Jackdaw

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