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Me: honestly I'm just so evil. So full of darkness. I feed of the souls of the living I strike fear into- Friend: you sleep with a teddybear. Me: he's my SECOND IN COMMAND IN MY ARMY OF DARKNESS!

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theearlessone: jessamygriffith: never-tell-u-i-am-sherlocked: valeria2067: alsodinosaur: How to Get the Attention of a Hot Army Doctor By Sherlock Holmes Perfection! BTW: John’s method for getting attention is 1) Wear jeans, 2) Show up, 3) Be John H. Mothereffing Watson. John, you awesome thing Use science of seduction aaaand wink ;)

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Remember the time when Jungkook mistook the trophy as mic xDD | allkpop Meme Center

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#ChuckNorris Killed a army of 5000 with 2 shots.And the first shot was a warning. #ChuckNorrisTuesday

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Jackson is such a friendly lil bean. -@BeautyandthePoet<<< yeah bro. that is the point of this post dumbass

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