Half Up Faux Hawk: A super quick and edgy hairstyle

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23 Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Women - Looped faux hawk: pull hair through a half ponytail, then secure it with bobby pins. Repeat all the way down.

We do not look only at the clothing, nor consider only shoes and handbags the main accessories. We also love to keep tabs on the 2016 hairstyle trends that are displayed throughout the different Fashion Weeks, ranging from the sleek to the chic, the perfect coifs and the undone designs. No matter how we end

100 Best Hair Trends for 2017

Funky hairstyle is the best reflection for strong personality and also romantic look.If You wanna give you a complete new look in 2018 you should try Funky Hairstyle, here you will get 20 funky hairstyles to get younger and stylist look.

A better way to do it instead of shaving half your head!!!

Jessica Alba

How things come back, i wore my hair like this in the Edgy Hair Style is Taking Over the Hair World: Jessica Alba hair, braided hair design for long hair.

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Yearning to change up your look? Discover a new you by showing off that funky fresh style. Become the leader of the trend-setting pack with your unique approach to hair. Bend the rules and change the game with some fashion-forward hairstyles that are guaranteed to turn heads. Check out these funky hairstyles and pin them … Continue reading 40 Funky Hairstyles To Look Beautifully Crazy →

40 Funky Hairstyles To Look Beautifully Crazy

Amazing aqua teal turquoise blue tips, streaks and highlights beneath a black fringed short angled pageboy modern hairstyle.

Funky hairstyle is best reflection for strong personality and also romantic look. However, it seems messy or kid of rough but it is the best way to look different and incredibly stylist. Read this article here you will get 20 funky hairstyles for woman #

20 Amazing Funky Hairstyle To Make You Stand Out In The Crowd

Maybe instead of going short again I just need something a little funkier, a little more layered.

Razored messy bob Love it im considering cutting my hair short again