A better picture of "The Funeral Suit", although she wore the jacket many times as First Lady. The dress as well but not as much. (Phil Katz from Camrose & Kross)

December 1963 -- Jacqueline Kennedy and six-year-old Caroline. Secret Service agent Clint Hill is behind Jackie.

Funeral Suits - We Only Attack Ourselves

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Music To Listen To When Your Friends Are Straight Out of The Lord Of The Flies: Funeral Suits – Hands Down

A short music video series by Funeral Suits The third video, "Hands Down"- Viewer discretion advised*

all those friendly people - funeral suits

all those friendly people - funeral suits

Funeral Suits  (Dublin, Ireland)

Dossier St Patrick : Funeral Suits – All those friendly people

Barbie as Jackie O - JFK funeral suit (Veil removed)

mini replica of Jackie Kennedy black ensemble she wore at John's Kennedy funeral